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                地 址:無錫市濱湖區華∴莊鎮黃巷振興路13號    

                手   機:15261500062  
                電   話:0510-85959675
                傳  真:0510-85955979


                郵   箱:web@wuxisy.com



                作者:admin    訪問量:2031    發布時間:2016-05-26



                1, remove the take off. Where possible, the ban in the fire area to flare to remove take away from the equipment, pipeline and its accessories, removed from the body, move to a safe place to flare up, after the hot work and put back in place.



                2, isolation cover. Will flare up of the equipment, pipeline and its accessories and related operating system for effective isolation, as in pipes and plugging blind plate, sealing head or tear down a pipe section method, the isolation of flammable and explosive materials and medium gas into the hot work point.



                3, clean up the scene. Hot work to clean up the site before, this is the most basic requirements. The flammable and explosive goods transferred to a safe place of hot points around the site should be cleaned before the fire.



                4, check and confirm. Be ready to work, be sure to check the confirmation, this is very important. After inspection to confirm correct, issued safety operation certificate ", if you enter the reactor operation(www.wfanyingfu.com), but also issued" equipment safety operation certificate ", the implementation of supervisory responsibility.

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